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Here  is a list of questions Eco Depot’s Solar Expert, Bruce Gage will ask:
  • Do you have a south sloping roof line with no shade or an area of land without shade to successfully facilitate the installation?
    • If you do not have a south sloping roof line or an area of land without shade, would you be willing to clear either your roof line or landscape to give us access for installation?
    • What utility company are you using now?
    • Once we gather the history of dollars spent annually on power consumption, we are able to analyze your present situation and demonstrate how much you will save with solar.
    • How much of your power bill would you like to eliminate?
    • We will perform a site analysis of the residential or commercial building and electrical system for the electrical logistics.
    • We will go over all solar electric installation government incentives.
    • We then begin the discussion of the needs analysis and recommend system size and agree on a budget to meet the needs of what the client or business owner wants to accomplish.