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The Community Building located at West 35 Main in beautiful Spokane Washington was Eco Depot’s very first commercial solar installation. With the aid of a benefactor, those involved with the Community Building decided to remodel their present facility and at the same time readdress their energy efficiency. They called on Eco Depot, a locally owned and operated solar energy installation provider. They enlisted Bruce Gage to help them understand the process and what needed to happen to go green and save money with their energy costs.

Bruce met with the individuals responsible for this major decision and walked them through the onsite survey explaining the entire process from beginning to a successful solar energy installation. Gage was extremely efficient in the transfer of information and how solar energy would work for the Community Building and when they would begin seeing a savings in their costs for heating and cooling the building.

Fast forward, The Community Building, is now enjoying the freedom from huge energy costs and benefitting the environment with clean use of solar energy. As a matter of fact, the transition was so successful, that the Main Market Co-op, located at 44 West Main Avenue, in Spokane, Washington, decided to jump in and reinforce their commitment to serve the community with less waste and benefit the environment. If you have a chance, log onto their website at www.mainmarket.coop and find out just how committed they are to energy savings.